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What my clients say

Here below is some of the feedback I’ve received from clients who have had hypnotherapy sessions with me.

Hypnotherapy in the Forest of Dean area
I was a bit sceptical at first about going to see a hypnotherapist, but Heidi soon put my mind at rest. I enjoyed the couple of sessions I had with her, and she helped me a great deal. I would recommend Heidi to anyone with any issues or problems.
I recently used Heidi’s skills as a hypnotherapist to support management of my insomnia. I found the sessions relaxing and I’m now using some of the exercises in the day to day. Heidi is extremely professional yet empathetic and knew immediately how to support me through her hypnotherapy skills.
When I met Heidi I knew that I was in the safest of safe hands. The calmest and gentlest of approaches and enormous amounts of empathy ensured I felt confident that I was going to get the support I needed. Having had one thing after another over the past couple of years, with very little time in between to recover left me feeling bruised and battered, and pretty vulnerable. After my very first session with Heidi I left knowing that things could indeed improve, and invaluably with an understanding of why I had been functioning the way I had been. Since then, my personalised sessions have enabled me to take back control of my life, focus on where I want to be and feel so much better about myself. I cannot recommend Heidi and her magic enough and I know that should I start to feel overwhelmed again I can simply arrange a session to remind me how easy it is to manage again. Thank you
I had hypnotherapy with Heidi to help with stress and anxiety. It was very effective, and worked where other therapies have failed. I found it extremely relaxing and helpful, and Heidi is very professional. I really recommend hypnotherapy and especially Heidi. Thanks Heidi!
I feel relaxed, calm, refreshed. Highly recommend this form of therapy.
I can’t recommend Heidi enough - professional, friendly and has great passion for her business - the relaxation CD she made, not only worked for me but also my daughter!
Looking back, I did not truly realise what a dark and anxious place I was in. From the very first session I could feel some subtle changes, Hypnotherapy helped me transition to this happier place, the sessions were simply invaluable.

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Heidi Fforde, hypnotherapist in Tintern, serving Overmonnow, Redbrook and Brockweir

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