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Hypnotherapy and how it works

Have you ever been on a train and missed your station because you were daydreaming out of the window? Or walked into a room and then not been able to remember why? Have you ever driven into work without really being conscious of the journey at all?

This is something we do every day. It’s completely natural and it’s a place our minds like to be. ‘Daydreaming’ feels really very relaxing doesn’t it? Well this state of mind is called trance, and this is at the heart of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy in Tintern, serving Chepstow, Newport, Monmouth and Caldicot

Hypnotherapy and the trance state

Trance is a state in which we have access to the subconscious mind. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses trance to influence our subconscious in a positive way, suggesting and reinforcing the ideas, the positive solutions, that you’re encouraged think of yourself.

This is a forward-thinking approach to therapy. It is not one that reflects on the past. It doesn’t relive childhood memories or past traumas. It’s about focusing on what we can do now to make ourselves feel better in the present and the future. It is natural, safe, highly effective and as a bonus, deeply relaxing too!

Treating conditions with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of conditions which have a psychological component, such as those which stem from anxiety and depression. See the Conditions page for more details.

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Heidi Fforde, hypnotherapist in Tintern, serving Coleford, Cinderford and Lydney

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