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Conditions that hypnotherapy can help with

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with general and more specific conditions relating to anxiety and depression. Here are some recognised conditions that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with. Click on a condition for more information about how hypnotherapy can help:


Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Imagine feeling peaceful, calm, confident. Being able to trust in yourself. Hypnotherapy can help the feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety is a generalised term for a wide variety of problems. It can be related to feelings of worry and fear linked to everyday events. Anticipation of disaster for example, worries about money, health, family, work or school, feeling anxious or nervous.

Treating anxiety with hypnotherapy can be highly effective, so don’t put up with it any longer. Get in touch with me today to discuss how I can help.


Hypnotherapy for bereavement

You wake looking forward to the day. Your thoughts are happy ones and you now have the confidence to enjoy the future. Hypnotherapy can help with the painful emotions surrounding bereavement.

Bereavement is a natural reaction to loss. We may suffer when losing a family member or friend, a pet, we may mourn a relationship ending. There are many effects that can come when you are coping with grief. Bereavement can make you feel exhausted, lost and empty, leave you having trouble sleeping, make you feel anxious, numb, guilty, angry for example.

Hypnotherapy will help you to process these difficult emotions. It will help you to move forward. Contact me today to find out how Hypnotherapy will help you.


Hypnotherapy for childhood anxiety, depression, fears and phobias

Childhood fears and phobias are normal reactions to feeling unsure and vulnerable. Children may fear monsters, certain foods, being alone, imaginary creatures etc. Some children are more sensitive and overly fearful. Here they may need some extra support to reduce anxiety, to normalise the fears.

Your child may be finding it difficult with moving to a new house, bullying or a separation. Your child may be suffering from additional worries or feelings of sadness.

Introducing a comforting hypnotherapy approach, I have found to be helpful. Contact me today to book a chat on how this could help your child.


Hypnotherapy for depression

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling refreshed, positive, excited by life. Feeling resilient. Hypnotherapy can help you to step out of depression.

Depression is a complex problem. Generally, we associate this with feeling of sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, guilt, lack of motivation, feeling tearful and upset. You may lack motivation, have no interest in things, not want to get out of bed, feel no enjoyment in life, find making decisions difficult.

Depression and low mood can respond very well to hypnotherapy, so if you do one thing today, send me a message to make contact and I’ll get back to you about meeting up for a talk on how I can help.


Hypnotherapy for fears

Imagine feeling safe, courageous, confident. Having faith in your abilities in all situations. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your fears.

Fear is a normal human reaction. Your heart races, palms go sweaty and you can have rapid breathing for example. It’s there to help protect us from danger. The feelings we get are normal and, in some situations, appropriate. However, they can become problematic. A fear of flying when you need to fly to another country can be tricky. We can fear things such as spiders, crowded spaces, the dark, heights, dogs and many more.

Treating fears with hypnotherapy works by removing your red alert reaction to the fear. In most cases just 4 sessions can be all it takes to be free of your fear. Contact me today to book a chat on how we can help you to feel free.


Hypnotherapy for goal focus & achievements

Imagine that you’ve won your competition, passed your exam or passed your driving test. You’ve been focused at work and achieved your goals, you’ve successfully just got your dream job. The direction that your life takes is making you happy. Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve mental strength, motivation and focus.

Work, Life and Sports goals can sometimes feel a far away achievement. Sometimes too far and you may feel you will never get there.

Hypnotherapy can help with focus, confidence, performance enhancement. It can help you to find your own inner strengths and resources and use them to your highest ability. Contact me today to book a chat to find out how this is going to help you achieve where you really want to be.


Hypnotherapy for insomnia

Imagine waking up in the morning after a full night’s sleep. Knowing that you are rested and ready to start your day. Hypnotherapy can help you take control of your sleep patterns.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. People often have trouble falling asleep or staying awake, waking often during the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep. You may feel drained, exhausted, struggle with your work load and day to day activities.

Many people who have hypnotherapy for insomnia find it to be the very best way to overcome it. Relaxing and stress reducing techniques help you to find your lost sleep patterns. Contact me today to book an appointment to find out how I can help you to gain control of your sleep patterns.


Hypnotherapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Imagine feeling free, balanced, thinking in positive ways. Hypnotherapy can help with OCD and the symptoms surrounding it.

OCD is a distressing anxiety disorder. It has two main parts – obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are unwelcome thoughts, images, worries, doubts for example. These appear repeatedly in your mind. Compulsions are the repetitive actions that you do to reduce the anxiety caused by the obsession. People can suffer from either or both in different ways.

Hypnotherapy can help OCD by reducing your anxiety. This in turn this helps to turn around these behaviours and thoughts that are controlling you. To chat to me more about how this approach can help you please send me a message and we can arrange a chat about how I can help you.


Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety

Imagine being able to and speak calmly and confidently when your time is ready. Standing at the front and delivering exactly what you need to easily. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your performance anxiety.

Public speaking, delivering presentations at work or having a confident and successful stage presence can seem extremely daunting and difficult to you. The performance anxiety you experience can be devastating. Your heart races, palms go sweaty, mind goes blank, your mouth goes dry, you feel nauseous for example.

Hypnotherapy can help with the fear you may be experiencing. It can help elevate your confidence and help you to feel calm. It can help you find your inner strength to deliver what you need to. Contact me today to book a meeting so we can discuss how Hypnotherapy can help alleviate your anxiety.


Hypnotherapy for phobias

Imagine feeling brave, calm, undaunted. Having the strength to be able to go everywhere. Hypnotherapy can help you move forward from your phobias.

Phobias are intense fear reactions. This is when your fear has become out of proportion to the danger itself. For example, when you have a scary experience with a wasp you may find yourself getting worried after looking at a photo. Or you may feel distressed if it is cloudy, when you fear storms.

Hypnotherapy for phobias is one of the best ways of removing this debilitating condition. Get in touch with me today to make a booking to have a chat. Here I can tell you more about why this is happening to you and help you overcome your phobia.


Hypnotherapy for stress, painful memories and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Imagine being in control of your thoughts and feelings, feeling more positive with life. Hypnotherapy can help with PTSD.

You may have experienced a terrible event, no matter how big or small. An event that has triggered a reaction within you. You may have flashbacks and nightmares about the event. You may be suffering from panic attacks, be avoiding situations for example. These can be painful memories and can result in PTSD.

Hypnotherapy can help make significant changes within a short period of time. We help by separating the emotion out the traumatic experience. Helping to you move away from your PTSD. Book to see me today to arrange a chat to find out how I can help.

Let hypnotherapy help you with your condition

If you need help with any of these or related conditions, then just make a booking to arrange an initial hypnotherapy consultation at my practice in Tintern, Monmouthshire. Even if your specific condition is not listed here, if there is a psychological component then there’s a good chance I will be able to help. The initial consultation is free of charge and I look forward to talking with you very soon.

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